Senior Rails Engineer - JF021

Senior Rails Engineer - JF021

Salary: up to $4000

Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Ruby on Rails engineer responsible for architecting and managing our business logic and data structures. Your primary focus will be development of server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and reliability to the end user.


  • Understand and interpret business requirements to design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, reliable Ruby code and data structures
  • Integrate external providers data connections
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
  • Influence code quality, organization and automatization


  • Experience with Ruby on Rails, RSpec
  • Senior level understanding of the syntax of Ruby and its nuances
  • Good understanding of Ruby/Rails ecosystem, gems
  • Ability to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application
  • Familiarity with CI/CD, AWS, Docker


  • Has shipped and iterated multiple features
  • 5+ years of experience with Rails as Full Stack Engineer
  • University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent


  • Email:
  • Hotline:  0973.572.008