Remote Senior UX/UI Designer - JF145

Remote Senior UX/UI Designer - JF145

Salary: up to $3300

Working location: Remote


  • We expect you to look at what we have and design a UI that is consistent, simple and, why not, beautiful.
  • Creating user-centered designs by understanding business requirements, and user feedback. You know, what UX is about.
  • Creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes and mockups. Please! We really need this!
  • Create style guides, design systems and design patterns once we have dealt with the basics.
  • Creating original graphic designs (e.g. images, sketches) that make everyone think “oh wow, I love this icon!” (said very few people ever).
  • Identifying and troubleshooting UX problems like, you know, business people thinking they are the user. Or responsiveness and other real UX problems.
  • Collaborating effectively with product, engineering, and management teams. Don’t worry, you will be fully supported here. You won’t be mangled by people pulling in all different directions.
  • Incorporating customer feedback, usage metrics, and usability findings into design. No witty comments here

Required skills:

  • You can design and you can prove it. Either via your portfolio, the interview process or anything you want to show us. We are not degree-obsessed. Show us what you got!
  • You can handle Figma, or Sketch, or InVision, or Adobe Creative Suite or any other tool you like. Since you will be the first (and for a while, only) designer, you can choose your weapons!
  • Basic HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills are a plus. I mean, they really help.
  • You have an opinion on design and you can articulate it. It’s ok to be a bit stubborn when you think you are right. You will definitely find people challenging you here, but you are the expert on the field so you will have a lot of support in that opinion. Just make sure you can listen to others. Who knows, they might be right sometimes.
  • You are a strong team player who can collaborate effectively with different stakeholders. Which job description does not have this? Seriously, a job description is incomplete without this.
  • Have good verbal communication skills in English


  • Salary: Up to $3300
  • Laptop provided
  • Full remote work.
  • A solid tech team. We make sure that when we hire someone, the person is a good technical and cultural match.
  • Flexible working hours.

We value

  • Ownership and responsibility.
  • Teamwork, open communication, and respect for one another.
  • Continuous learning and improvement.


  • Email:
  • Hotline:  0973.572.008